Charcoal has been collaborating with Springboard for years, designing internal assets and signage, assisting with branding verbiage and direction, and lending insight wherever and whenever possible. When the topic of conversation shifted to a new, refined web presence, we’ll admit we were a little giddy to put all of the former to work.


Iteration vs. new creation

Naturally, we leveraged the lime colour scheme and aesthetic identity that Springboard was famous for, and applied those facets to a website whose prerogative was to cut the fat in terms of navigation, and bring researchers, programs, and resources to the forefront.


Make an impression

The result is a fresh new take on a site that’s still very much Springboard, home to cleaner and clearer navigation in both English and French, condensed topics that eliminate redundancy, and a bright sophistication that’s totally in line with the work Springboard’s doing in Atlantic Canada.