Fuel for Ideas

Sparks of inspiration can come from beginnings both subtle and profound. Growth, necessity, meaningful impressions and powerful memories. A flicker of light with the potential to burn brightly and reveal something new.

We revel in that moment of excitement and clarity, but more interesting to our team at Charcoal Marketing is how we keep that heat healthy, bright, and efficient.

Our background is varied in branding, web design & development, content & inbound marketing, marketing PR & campaign management – but we call it background for a reason! Let’s get to talking.

Visit our open-concept offices and mark up our chalkboard wall; we’re eager to hear where your spark comes from, and how you plan to harness it.


Get Inspired:

  • Why we really love local

    Why we really love local

    I mean, how can you not love this couple, their business and what they represent - the real and authentic, hard working humans that run small businesses in your communities, and on your main streets.

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  • Happy Birthday, to us

    Happy Birthday, to us

    What does a 5 year old do on their birthday? Write a blog, of course!

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  • A true taste of Summer

    A true taste of Summer

    Take yourself back to a happier time, and an idyllic seaside vacation. We can all use some dream time.

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