Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Five reasons why COVID-19 shouldn’t affect our business

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, our blog draft said, "why COVID-19 won't affect our business"!  And, who wants to atone for that someday.  We're pretty busy working this week, but no one can predict the future.  So for the present time, here we go:

1. Welcome to the Web. For years, this is how we greeted our new clients. The nature of our business (digital marketing) has been introducing our customers to new ways of doing business, online.  Such was the habit of our craft that we were able to conduct our business right out of the gate, on the phone, in the car, at a coffee shop - or anywhere we could find a flat surface with Wi-Fi, and good coffee.  If we can’t go to the office – no biggie!

2. Meetings, meetings and more meetings.  We love meetings!  And, we get involved in a lot of them – to share ideas, insights, and new concepts.  For sure, there’s nothing better than meeting face-to-face. You can see and feel people’s reactions to our work, know when you’re communicating effectively, and enjoy thanks and appreciation for a job well done.  But, we can also do that on a Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts)

3. Google is our friend.  Yours, too! Because we subscribe to GSuite for our business, we get access to a complete portfolio of free tools. Google meet for video conferencing, GMail for communications, Chat for a quick check ins and, Docs/ Sheets/ Slides for doing work. Calendar to drive our business priorities, Analytics to measure our success, and so on.  It’s all in one place. With one login, so ‘have browser, will travel’.

4. Some of our clients will hurt.  This is not going to be a fun time. Many businesses will be affected by social distancing, and other required measures. There are some things we will not be able to change (like closing of restaurant dining rooms).  But, we can also look at the potential increases in take out and online ordering. Small and medium sized businesses seldom get time to plan, and we all now have a lot more time on our hands. Is this not the perfect time to put your business online?

5. Marketing during a downturn.  Don’t take our word for it, check out the Harvard Business Review, where they advocate that in past downturns, companies that were able to increase share of voice by maintaining or increasing their advertising spending captured market share from weaker rivals. What’s more, they did it at lower cost than when times were good.  While others are thinking negatively, we like to think about opportunities and upsides. This crisis will eventually pass.

Would you like to think along with us?  We are ‘open for business’ on Google Meet and on the phone (902-454-8893).