Our new kind of work, thanks to COVID-19

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Our new kind of work, thanks to COVID-19

With the important caveat that we are staying safe, observing best practices recommended by the government health authorities and trying to forge ahead, this is what we’ve been up to this past week:

  1. We set our calendars for a daily scrum. Via Google Meet, we share ideas, updates and potential issues with our customer base. This past week, we enabled online ordering and pick up for one of our clients.  They immediately saw an uptick in orders! Other clients have needed help in pushing out messaging related to COVID-19 and how it affects their respective businesses. 
  2. It’s all quiet on the western front. The commute is shorter, free parking is abundant, and the office is pretty empty, as most are working from home. Some of us are in the office, utilizing one of the eight separate offices (and Wi-Fi) to keep at the work.  It’s a good refuge.

  3. What are others doing?  We asked ourselves a few questions earlier in the week – what can we be doing, given our specialty skill sets, to help others (namely clients) get through this crisis.  A couple of things are already in place, but we’re open to new ideas. 

    Is there an interest in online webinars?  
    Are there businesses in need of digital transformation?  
    Are there businesses in need  of selling online?
    Are there businesses that need access to tools online to manage their business?
    Do you just need a (virtual) hug?

    Feel free to reach out, as we still have the phone and Google Meet, or Zoom, or Skype, to converse with. Our phone lines are open, thanks to the support of our partner Smile Dog.

  4. We’re working on personal well-being.  There’s no doubt that these are stressful times, especially for small businesses, and small business owners. We could go home and binge on Netflix, or stick our heads in the sand, but we choose to maintain a regular work routine.  After all, it keeps the mind active. Plus, we just love marketing!  We’re also looking at keeping the body active, so in our daily routines, we’re making sure we get out for a walk at lunchtime - in the fresh air. When you work at your desk and the screen all day, it sure is nice to get a break with some other interstitial activities.

  5. Respect the routine.  Because our business is so driven by our calendars, we do try to set some routines, and block off time for our work tasks, and to be efficient. It sure makes for a more productive day, even in these crazy times. We’re accomplishing a lot these days, despite the challenges.  Ideas are flowing, and the sharing, riffing and adding on continues unabated. We were loath to cancel our Beer Friday last week, but with social distancing, we simply shifted online, to Hangout with the team and enjoy a cold one.

Looking forward to what the next week brings.