The oceans sector in Atlantic Canada, and why we’re building websites for it

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The oceans sector in Atlantic Canada, and why we’re building websites for it

The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) had long been an extension of Dalhousie’s website. There, the scope of the organization’s fascinating research and formidable branding was, at the time, competing with one of Atlantic Canada’s foremost universities by sharing the (digital) space. Naturally, approaching the topic of transitioning OFI to a site of their own meant considering a new portfolio of web design, photography, and inbound marketing!

The objective was to empower OFI with a platform of its own, apart from Dalhousie but still in touch with it, that the research and the name might find and establish its own voice. Oceans is a topic that’s gaining traction daily, as new local initiatives enhance the region’s reach in both study and practical application. In light of this, OFI’s story and the data fuelling it required duality – to be both academic and accessible to the everyman.

Set apart by its mandate to bring researchers together from both sides of the Northwest Atlantic, OFI’s roster of academic, international, private, public and not-for-profit partnerships make it truly multifaceted. Capturing that depth meant showcasing these studies, and the organizations that enable them, in a way that was visually rich and appetizing to an ever-growing global readership.

Consider that Entrevestor has increased its coverage of the Ocean’s sector with a number of articles and stories being shared as a response to the growth of funding and research initiatives in Atlantic Canada. Just as exciting still is ACOA’s involvement in oceans initiatives! If you’re unfamiliar, ACOA’s programs position Atlantic Canada for impact on a global scale through investment and innovation – their media page is a rich source of information on the oceans sector.

Oceans-related news, funding, research, and technologies are happening in a big way in Atlantic Canada. We’ve been excited to remain involved and a part of the conversation as these organizations branch out and capitalize on all that the growing sector has to offer. We’re hungry for more, and you can be sure that related content will arrive here on the Charcoal blog in the coming months.