We're making a withdrawal

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We're making a withdrawal

In April 2016 Charcoal landed on the corner of Oxford and Cork, and had a chance to burn brightly in an open-space concept, with rentable work stations, that was quite unlike the Hydrostone offices we had stepped away from. 

What we learned is that through-traffic and contractors, looking to spend the day in the middle of some hustle, are in abundance! Our chalkboard wall is home to inspirational quotes, business development strategy, big ideas, and Hearthstone scorekeeping. Our conference room sees use both as a casual lounge and a formal gathering space. We've seen what can work, and are eager to experiment with even more space. So we’re moving!

In many ways, the corner of Oxford and Cork, our corner, is the birthplace of Charcoal Marketing. The company’s identity came to life and here, and the team discovered new ways to work that are efficient and collaborative. The experience was wholly positive, and we have a lot more friends and colleagues – a result of the open concept – than we did when we arrived. The new space, a bigger space, will give them the room they need to do their thing. 

The landing zone is 6239 Quinpool, in an exciting second-story space with both an open concept work area and traditional private offices for calls and meetings. It perpetuates what's excellent about Oxford and Cork, and gives us room to grow the team further still. We’re located directly above TD bank, and the most iconic visual is perhaps our new conference room - a vault!

The value proposition still burns strong: bring us your next great idea, and we’ll work with you to fuel it. Website design & development, inbound marketing, event management, branding consultation and training. All that’s left is for you to come see the new space

Until then.