Marketing the Future: Exploring the Latest Technology at CES 2023

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Marketing the Future: Exploring the Latest Technology at CES 2023

The 2023 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas was an exciting and enlightening event for Charcoal Marketing. With the most influential tech companies showcasing their latest and greatest innovations, it was an opportunity to gather valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology. The new advancements and solutions that were on display this year will have a significant impact on how marketers and their clients can become more competitive and successful in the future.

Major players like Hisense, Nikon, Panasonic, and Comcast were in attendance, showcasing their latest products and technologies.


Hisense was using a new protocol called “Matter” for their appliances. This game-changing protocol was created by Project Connected Home Over IP (Project Chip) and is now maintained by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). It encourages interoperability between devices and platforms, and Hisense is working on integrating it into their latest appliances to transform the future of home and cooking. From a marketers perspective, this means more data, more opportunity for reaching a specific target audience with digital advertising!


Nikon also made a big impression, with its booth showcasing impressive robotics and astronomic vision. The company also revealed two new lenses in development, the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S and the NIKKOR Z 26mm f/2.8, which are set to revolutionize photo imagery. Panasonic's booth was designed to simulate a smarter, greener, and more connected world, showcasing their newest innovations, smart collaborations, environmentally responsible solutions, and wellness technology. And technology aside, they knocked their trade show booth designs out of the park!

One of the standout themes at CES 2023 was smart medical technologies, including virtual care and independent living solutions. These advancements can revolutionize the healthcare industry, providing seniors with access to quality care while promoting independence and dignity. As a marketing company, we recognize the potential of these technologies to positively impact the senior and caregivers market. The senior and caregivers market is an increasingly important area, and the role of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and independent living solutions in keeping seniors safe is crucial.

Finally, Comcast was talking about innovations with free ad-supported streaming (FAST) TV, a new and rapidly growing form of free ad-supported streaming TV. The service includes streaming linear TV programs without paying for any subscription. It is an extended version of traditional TV that is streamed over internet-connected devices like CTV. Industry thought leaders shared insights on how brands can navigate FAST’s future, from maximizing its value to determining its place alongside traditional TV and streaming advertising options.

CES 2023 was also a great opportunity for marketers to explore the latest AI-enabled solutions, virtual and augmented reality technologies, and 5G data and analytics. These cutting-edge tools and resources will help marketers and their clients stand out from the competition and craft more effective marketing plans. With the rise of 5G, marketers have access to a new and wide range of data and analytics that will help them better understand their audiences.

Attending CES 2023 was an incredible experience—thanks to our media buying partners Sugar Estate Media, for bringing us along. The potential for consumer technologies and advertising is truly inspiring, and the innovative solutions showcased will have a significant impact on how us, as marketers and our clients can become more competitive and successful in the future. We're already looking forward to the next one!

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