How To Amplify Your Business With Visual Storytelling

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How To Amplify Your Business With Visual Storytelling

Stock images don’t always capture the essence of your business, and it can be super time consuming to search through pages and pages of photos that you only ‘sort of’ resonate with. Building a photo bank to tell the story of your business has many benefits and can be utilized over and over again.

Social Media is Key 🔑

If you are looking to grow your business, social media marketing is always the best first step. And the best part—it’s free! Say you’re a new restaurant with amazing food, but you don’t have the photos to show it off. Hiring a photographer for a few hours to snap photos of your dishes will go a long way. They can be used for promoting specials, showing off the presentation of your food, or even showcasing the whole menu. People love to see photos of what to expect before visiting a new restaurant, so if your Instagram is filled with mouth-watering photos—you’re on the right track.

Improving your Website Strategy 🖥️

As humans, we are attracted to visuals versus words. Yes, well-written copy on a website is important, but how will you get someone to click on it in the first place? Effective imagery. Using photography, you can bring your product or service to life online, so that prospective customers get a positive first impression. Building your photo bank can be a great asset for updating your current website or if you’re starting from the ground up. Labeling the photos on your website as descriptors rather than ABC_1234 will also add great SEO value to your website, and therefore will gain more traffic.

Visual Storytelling as a Marketing Tool 👀

A compelling photo starts a conversation, and that’s exactly what business owners are looking to do. Their prospective customers need to be brought in by something that sparks their interest—imagery is a great way to entice someone without being too persuasive or sales-like. Using photography as a tool for marketing translates into visual storytelling, and gives the viewer an opportunity to interpret in their own way. This will lead them to ask questions, and in turn will (hopefully) lead to a sale or gaining a new client! In this day and age of endless scrolling, storytelling through photography is a more digestible way for your audience to consume your content, rather than words on a page.

They say a picture tells a thousand stories… let’s tell the story of your unique business. Get in touch with our team today to start building your photo bank.