Google reviews mean better business

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Google reviews mean better business

Google reviews are a fantastic thing. They empower good businesses with an opportunity to level the field when big advertising budgets dominate the market and aren’t always practical for small and medium-sized players. In short, this is because Google reviews are comparable to to recurring content and expensive marketing campaigns when it comes to value, online.

These reviews add a degree of transparency and trustworthiness to your business when your target market comes a-searchin’, and play nice with the reality that modern consumers will research you before they buy. For that fact a simple search will suffice, but perhaps more interestingly, BrightLocal suggests that 68% of consumers are more likely to engage with your business if you’re sporting a positive review.

OK - that line of thought is likely to lead you down the path to wondering what the implications of a negative review are when search engines like Google and Bing take a close look at your business. The good news is that you can still benefit from a bad review if you’re inclined not to tremble in fear of it. Feedback is valuable in any form, and how you respond to a review can be just as, if not more important that the review itself! Address the pain point by offering the user a positive comment and a resolution. Make things right, and then get to work ensuring that whatever went wrong isn’t likely to go wrong again. Many times, users will respond with surprise and gratitude if you reach out in earnest.

So all of that sounds lovely and you’re invested in the idea of locking in some Google reviews for your business. Great! The best way to get things in motion is to start asking. Reach out to past clients, and make asking the question a fundamental part of wrapping up the project or making the sale. Once you’re into the swing of it, you can incorporate tools like this to create a shareable review request. Share it through your social media or shout it from a mountaintop - what’s important is that you get started. Now is the time to capitalize on the benefits tied to customer feedback and trust when so many of them can see you, online.

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