The Fractional Marketing Department - what it is and how could it work for you?

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The Fractional Marketing Department - what it is and how could it work for you?

Your experienced marketing team, just down the hallway.

Marketing in the modern age is increasingly complex. Technology is constantly transforming choice, and choice is transforming the marketplace. How do you keep up?

Fractional Marketing is a relatively new term that applies to companies that do not have the resources or workforce to handle everything themselves. It’s a lot like outsourcing parts of your marketing function, on a short-term or on-demand basis.

Fractional Marketing allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from executive-level management without hiring more people to work full-time. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to get direction - and results. You pay only for the time and services provided, which tends to be a fraction of the cost of a hiring.

For most small to medium sized organizations, a full function marketing department is financially out of reach. Further, many businesses find their marketing needs vary from project to project, and season to season. In an age of ‘working smarter, not harder’, a Fractional Marketing team can help fill the gaps, and provide the expertise and know-how of a full time marketing team - when and where you need it.

Fractional Marketing becomes a new way to fuel your marketing dreams. We curate a team of specialized professionals, built around your specific needs or requirements. The team is responsible for driving the day-to-day marketing activities for the business. It’s perfect for small and medium sized businesses looking to add new marketing resources, but aren’t quite ready to take on the cost and management of a full-time employee.

While CFOs focus on financials, the CMO and fractional marketing team can manage all of a company’s planning, branding, advertising, publicity, and other essential creative functions. They also work with outside vendors and contractors to ensure the operation runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

A fractional marketing team can make a huge impact on marketing performance, productivity and results. Here’s a few reasons why you might want to explore the option:

1. You’re facing budget constraints or uncertainty

2. You’re trying to figure out how to stretch limited marketing resources

3. Your marketing or brand strategy needs high-level guidance

4. You’ve been wanting more organizational and financial flexibility

5. You feel your business needs fresh or outside perspective

6. You’re expanding, or chasing down new market opportunities

When you need marketing expertise to accelerate growth and improve profitability, but you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time marketing team, our unique offering can be the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective method for you to achieve your goals. We’ll provide the freedom to run your business, and do what you do best, with ‘always on’ marketing resources that can provide immediate impact.

When you are ready to take off your ‘part-time marketing hat’ and assume the role of full-time business leader, we’re just a call away. Ready to chat?