Improving online presence

Van Dyk's By Nature makes 100% pure, wild, natural blueberry juice made from wild blueberries grown in rural Nova Scotia and sold around the world. As a growing company, Van Dyk's needed an e-commerce site to elevate the Van Dyk's brand and begin to generate online sales.


Research, Plan and Build

The Headspace team started with an in-depth research project to learn more about Van Dyk's place in the health-food market. As an established company that has been around for years, Van Dyk's needed more national and international market share and brand recognition. In order to achieve this we planned to create a more compelling website with e-commerce capability that worked in line with a content marketing strategy.

We sketched out UI views on paper first to share and collaborate with the team before moving on to a high-fidelity prototype, and testing across a broad range of mobile devices. The new website now helps them tell their story better, showcases their amazing product, and allows users to find a store nearest them or simply purchase the product online, right to their door. The back-end was built using ExpressionEngine and the Store module by Expresso.


Inbound Marketing

We kicked-off an in-depth digital marketing plan, creating compelling content, and driving traffic to the blog through search engines, social media, and email marketing. Our goal is to increase discussion and sharing about the Van Dyk branded content throughout the internet, and elevate the Van Dyk brand to increase in-store and online sales.