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Rebound Ready

We’re going to help businesses plan and manage their way out of this crisis, and help them thrive.  We’re looking to find the kind of companies that are not content to sit out this COVID-19 crisis.  We’re ready – are you?


Welcome to the Export Advantage Pilot Program.

Since 2016, Charcoal Marketing has existed to help small & medium sized businesses (SMEs) leverage the power of the internet to help businesses grow/ sell more/ export.  We are now channelling this energy into a new program designed to propel select growth-oriented businesses out of this morass and into a new, brighter tomorrow.

Charcoal Marketing, along with strategic partners, will be working with Nova Scotian businesses that are currently exporting, and want to grow their export portfolio. Today, we are launching a pilot program to help a select group of Nova Scotia businesses be ready to maximize growth opportunities when economic times improve.

Strategic Elements

We believe that export success is built on three strategic pillars. Just as important as the technology is the people and processes that run the export engine.


Expertise & Certifications

Teamwork makes the dream work. We have assembled an integrated, multi-faceted team to fuel your export sales engine.  

Are you interested in finding out more about the Export Advantage Program? Email us

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