The web just got a whole lot greener

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The web just got a whole lot greener

If you’ve spent some time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you may be familiar with Halifax Seed. Established way back in 1866, they're not only the oldest operating seed company in all of Canada, they're also one of the oldest local business operations in the Maritimes. Family owned and operated, the current ownership is the 3rd generation of Tregunnos, with the 4th generation hard at work as well. They’re a company quite literally rooted in Atlantic Canada and Headspace was proud to collaborate with such a ripe local success story on the revitalization of their website.

So much more than a retail gardening operation, Halifax Seed and are a source of gardening inspiration far beyond what you’d expect. The visual aspects of gardening can make it an attractive activity, but Halifax Seed has harnessed the beauty of that visceral experience along with the rich heritage of their company to create a truly meaningful dialogue on their new website. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, and it cultivates a culture of investment and interest for just about anybody - from health nuts and home chefs to DIY landscapers. There’s as much variety in their product as there is appeal to the everyman.

In order to capture and reflect that intriguing facet of Halifax Seed, the web presence had to be in line with a sense of guidance and inspiration. The eventual user progression took on a lifecycle as natural as the growth of your everyday garden: land on a visually lush and active website, explore the Inspiration Garden section for news, tips, and interesting facts about all things green, and continue to a fluid, easy to use eCommerce page that makes ordering your product a breeze.

It’s very much a website that’s not only indicative of the incredible culture and expertise that makes Halifax Seed a local treasure, but also of the seasonal, highly visual and rewarding lifecycle of the natural world. It was a difficult cycle to illustrate with something so oppositional to nature as the internet, but in this case the best of both spectrums were brought together to craft a result that we’re deeply proud of.

The web has indeed become a great deal greener with the launch of, and this is one family run company to watch as they use the web to push the boundaries of their borders and take their local success abroad. Go check them out!