The Headspace Process IV: Finale

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The Headspace Process IV: Finale

Welcome to the fourth and final instalment of a series we're calling The Headspace Process, a collection of blog posts written to shed some insight into our stages of development and to whet your appetite without sharing any spoilers or giving away too much of the magic. We think we've struck the balance just right. Check out Part Three to get caught up, or read on!

So, your website is finished and it’s a real stunner. We’ve converted it from simple photos to complex pages chalk full of intuitive code, and connected the whole package to our preferred content management system. From here, we’re posturing to deliver you with a beta website to test on your end, but usability and functionality testing need to happen on our end first. When we’re finished testing and the beta website lands at your doorstep, we open ourselves up to your comments and feedback. Our thorough pre-launch checklist includes but isn't limited to:

  • Testing the website on a variety of mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets)
  • Testing the website in Chrome, Firefox on both PC and Mac, Safari and yes, Internet Explorer (8 and above)
  • Ensuring a 404 page exists
  • Making sure every link works, and every button points to the correct page
  • Content has no spelling errors and has been placed correctly throughout the site
  • Any forms are sending to the correct recipient
  • Google Analytics has been installed
  • SEO elements such as page titles and meta data, have been created and are correctly appearing

Although the majority of these elements are touched on throughout the development process, we always find it important that a final run-through of everything is completed before you see your website - it’s not uncommon for things to be tweaked in the final stages. When we’re happy with the final product, we’ll present it to you in a meeting. At this stage any feedback and tweaks are usually minimal, as you’ve signed off on the final design by now! Long story short, we’ve worked through the content that makes your site what it is, and you know exactly what to expect. Despite this, there’s almost always small items to consider before we hit the finish line, like a headline here or a sub-section there. You might not have thought of it earlier, but the good news is that you’re now in control, and after some minor training with your new CMS you can make all the changes!

After the beta website has been presented, we’ll arrange a training session to help you maximize your familiarity with your new CMS. In reality, this meeting is as important as the website presentation itself, as it falls to you to manage your site post-launch, and keeping it up to date is always a priority! We’ll meet with whomever you deem best, and go through the multiple steps involved in adding, editing and deleting of content across the entire site (photos, text, subpages). Once you’ve completed a one hour session, we’ll leave you with an informative user manual for future reference. Of course, if you forget how to complete a task, we’re always available for follow-up, though we pride ourselves on using an intuitive, user-friendly CMS.

So you’ve got the test-model and you’re behind the wheel of your new website. Keep an eye open for any tweaks or feedback you might want to deliver. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that you work your way through the whole site with a mind for the functions you had hoped to see and the functionality you’d expect from any top tier website. With your final go-ahead we shift into launch mode and transfer our attention to the details that can make or break a successful launch. On that fateful day when all of our aspirations come to life, which is never a Friday by rule of thumb, we’ll move the site files over to your hosting server and flip the switch. You’re live! We’ll do another quick run-through to ensure that everything is working (partially because we’re thorough, but mostly because we’re pessimistic) before cracking open some beers and celebrating.

At the end of the day, the whole process happens the way it does for a reason. In our efforts to produce the best site for you and your organization, we channel your feedback into every step of the development phase, especially when it comes time to launch. By involving our clients this thoroughly, we’ve seen time and time again that putting our best collective foot forward is pivotal when it comes to generating the best experience possible for your users when they take the first step into new territory - your new territory.

Launches are exciting and the prospects of a modern web presence are equally so, but our job isn’t quite over yet. We’ll be your partner for the long haul, and that means reviewing your analytics monthly, studying what’s working against what could be improved, and ultimately offering insight on what your users are doing and how you can capture their interest, boost traffic and increase conversion rates.

We have a saying at Headspace, and its potency is really only recognizable after you’ve launched this incredible website and are looking to the future: ‘your website is an intricate, intuitive machine - but it’ll always need a driver behind the wheel’. To truly harness the potential of the web, and your new stake on it, consider your digital marketing strategy, how you plan to execute, and the help you’ll need in getting there. Every business has different needs, but we specialize in identifying them, cataloguing them, and constructing a strategy that’s aware of your market and forward-focused. Your website’s out there - now the real fun begins.