Testimonials Are Your Friend

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Testimonials Are Your Friend

If there's one type of content that's universally useful, my bet would be on customer reviews or testimonials. They may not be as interesting as an editorial with high production value, or a gallery of professionally produced images, but strictly from a utility perspective these posts can do wonders for all sorts of objectives.

Countless business owners are convinced that content marketing is out of their reach for one reason or another. In the case of user reviews or client testimonials, it's simply a matter of following up and posing the question: do you have anything interesting and/or positive to say about your experience with me or my company?

Right out of the gate, testimonials are useful to you in at least three ways: Google+ local business reviews will appear when your business is displayed in search results, which will positively increase your click-through and conversion rates if you score highly with customers. Though these scores are unlikely to influence your SEO placement, a business that places lower in search results will still see superior click-through rates if they have review scores and their higher-ranking competitors don't. Here's how to get started, courtesy of Hootsuite.

Testimonials are also a great source of content when published on your website. Industry-specific cases make publishing these blurbs on home pages or standalone pages appropriate. If you're not confident that your business is the right fit for a standalone page, choose some high-profile responses and publish notes on what made the project a success. If you have the photos, put together a gallery as well! There are some great websites out there that focus on highlighting a company's portfolio - yours could be the same.

Finally, reviews are directly linked to positive results for eCommerce sites in both conversion and brand perception. Customer reviews have been known to ramp up sales on most eCommerce sites, and nearly three quarters of your traffic will shift their perception of your brand when they see you respond to a review. There's a bevy of opportunity - the trick is getting users to leave their comments before they go. For that, speak to a digital strategist.

There you have it, the quick and easy way to get some serious content value out of the thoughts and remarks of clients and customers. Dust off your archives and roll out some testimonials - they could be the springboard you need to get into posts on your blog, business page, or social media platforms. If you have none, ask for testimonials from past partners, and build a review system into your checkout process.