150 Canadian things to do for Canada's 150th birthday!

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150 Canadian things to do for Canada's 150th birthday!

Below is a list of 150 things to do this year to celebrate Canada's 150th - you can thank us later. 

1. Drink a Molson

2. Skate on a lake

3. Have a beaver tale in Ottawa

4. Eat a poutine in Quebec

5. Visit the rocky mountains

6. Drink an Alexanders Keith

7. Sit in a hot spring in Banf national park

8. Eat a lobster with a fisherman

9. Spend a weekend at a cottage

10. Go canoeing

11. Try to make love in a canoe

12. Play street hockey

13. Race a kayak on Rideau Canal

14. Skate down the Rideau Canal

15. Sing O’Canada at a sports bar watching a hockey game

16. Sing O’Canada at a hockey game

17. Visit Lunenburg

18. Camp Kejimakujik

19. Eat a s’more

20. Sing a song at a campfire

21. Build a campfire

22. Do a polar dip

23. Get screeched in on George Street

24. Hike Grosmorne National Park

25. Hike the highlands

26. Look for a moose

27. Play golf at Cabot Cliffs

28. Have a bloody ceasar, with celery

29. Maple Bacon 

30. Chocolate dipped Bacon 

31. Eat a donair at pizza corner at 3am

32. Eat a bowl of fish chowder

33. Cheer for Sidney Crosby

34. Wrap yourself in a Canada Flag during an Olympic hockey game

35. Have a Tim Hortons coffee

36. Have a honey cruller 

37. Share a box of timbits with friends

38. Bitch about the Toronto Maple Leafs

39. Wear a red plaid shirt

40. Dress like a lumberjack

41. Attend George Street festival

42. Attend Osheaga Music Festival

43. Attend Quebec Winter Carnival

44. Attend a timbits hockey game

45. Call someone “bud” 

46. Say “eh” at the end of every sentence

47. Learn to use “eh” as a response, sentence or question

48. See Toronto from the CN Tower

49. Eat maple syrup with everything

50. Eat donair sauce with everything 

51. Go ice fishing

52. Watch The Trailer Park Boys

53. Say “zed” for “z”

54. Eat potatoes from PEI on PEI

55. Eat lobster with a bib

56. Spend Canada day on Parliament Hill

57. Visit Canada’s wonderland

58. Visit the great lakes

59. Drive on the Trans-Canada Highway

60. Wear a toque

61. Wear a hockey jersey

62. Drive across the Confederation Bridge

63. Take the ferry to PEI

64. Say Sorry

65. Say Thank you

66. Say Sorry for not saying Thank You

67. Make an igloo in the winter

68. Get stuck under the igloo when it collapses

69. Learn to speak French

70. Order a double-double

71. Buy something with a loonie

72. Buy something with a twoonie

73. Buy a two-four for may-long

74. Drink milk from a bag

75. Go out “fer a rip”

76. Eat ketchup chips

77. Eat all-dressed chips

78. Get your weather update from Frankie

79. Buy a bag of storm chips

80. Go Cross Country skiing

81. Getting a speeding ticket from an RCMP

82. Going to a CFL Game

83. Shoveling your neighbours sidewalk

84. Watching a Raptors Game

85. Watching a Toronto Blue Jays Game

86. Go snowshoeing

87. Visit Jasper Park

88. Attend a pride parade

89. Attend the Calgary Stampede

90. Get wet at Niagra Falls

91. Visit the Bay of Fundy

92. Go white water rafting at the Bay of Fundy

93. Go camping

94. Go exploring at Signal Hill

95. Stomp your feet and sing at the top of your lungs to The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea

96. Spend a whole day drinking at Split Crow on a Saturday

97. Make your own syrup

98. Go on a sleigh ride

99. Have a Canadian Craft Beer

100.Watch the Canada day fireworks

101. Bike the Trans Canada Trail

102. See a Mountie on a horse

103. Visit Joel Plasketts recording studio

104. Eat a McLobster

105. Climb Citadel Hill

106. Visit Peggy’s Cove

107. Visit Pier 21 Immigration Museum

108. Have a Cows ice cream

109. Cut down a Christmas Tree

110. Admire the colors of the currency

111. Recoil from the value of the currency

112. Spell words properly (Colours, Favourite)

113. Buy a mickey

114. Enjoy free health care (but be safe!)

115. See 30cm of snow at once 

116. See 60cm of snow at once

117. Go a week without power

118. Learn about Terry Fox

119. God Save the Queen

120. Pay harsh taxes

121. Patiently wait for a Stanley Cup

122. Attend a Stanley Cup Parade

123. Experience snow in May 

124. Play pond hockey

125. Work in Alberta

126. Live as far from Alberta as possible

127. Learn a trade

128. Watch Breakfast Television

129. Try to be on time; be late

130. Sew a patch onto your bag

131. Shop at HBC

132. Go to a Farmer’s Market

133. Watch a Heritage Moment

134. Defend living in an igloo

135. Spend Canadian Tire money at Canadian Tire

136. Experience Hockey Night in Canada

137. Take an Anne of Green Gables Tour

138. Throw a penny in the Parliament fountain

139. Watch Don Cherry 

140. Watch Mr. Dressup

141. Visit Banff

142. Go whale watching 

143. Eat a Crispy Crunch Bar 

144. Sport a Canadian Tuxedo 145. Admire Ryan Gosling

146. Roll up the Rim 

147. Laugh at Seth Rogan 

148. Use the metric system 

149. Listen to Lenard Cohen 

150. Enjoy a Hawaiian pizza